Your personal style

  • Need to improve your appearance and to have a personal style relooking with an image consultant?
  • Interested in assessing the coherence of your current style with the message you want to convey?
  • Living life at a fast pace and in need of professional guidance for effective image management?
  • Seeking to eliminate the mental burden associated with preparing your outfits for the week?
  • Stuck with a stagnant wardrobe and lacking creativity?
  • Need professional advice on how to dress your best for a specific occasion (job interview, wedding, conference, date…)?
  • Have you just had a baby and need a relooking?

Specialized in executive presence, style and professionnal image of executives, managers, entrepreneurs and professionals, our image consulting agency offers services for individuals and companies, in person or virtually.

Personal Style - "Allure" coaching

This coaching is for men and women who have little time to devote to shopping, managing their image and/or who lack inspiration to identify the style that suits them outside of work.

Thanks to our agency, it is possible to have style while managing a professional career at 100 per hour and without sacrificing time with family or friends.

  • Advice and work on a personal style relooking to reinforce your personal brand,
  • Creation of appropriate looks and outfits for every occasion, organization of dressing rooms to save time,
  • Tips to improve your appearance without spending too much time on it,

Your style of dress is a powerful tool of expression. Your posture changes depending on the outfit you wear.

We make your style an impactful communication tool.


4 hours

The creation of your personal style begins with a 1 to 1.5 hour discovery interview, during which we determine your objective based on your tastes, personality and habits. This interview also allows us to determine what you want to communicate with your visual appearance. On the basis of these elements, our agency will build your personal and customized style proposal. Our proposal will be sent to you so that you can visualize the steps of the coaching.


2 hours x 2 sessions

Thanks to the tools of image consulting, we will define the cuts of clothes, the materials and fabrics, the colors and the associations that you should privilege. On this basis, you will receive style charts to inspire you and visualize your new image.


3 hours

First, we’ll go through your wardrobe piece by piece to identify the pieces you already own that match your desired style. You will try on these pieces to get advice on fit and combination. At the end of this step, we will make a list of pieces to purchase and, if necessary, organize the shopping step.


3 hours minimum

I will spend time in the store or online for you, keeping in mind your assets and goals in order to select the best pieces. If it is an online coaching, you will receive a selection of pieces that you will have to validate and the fittings will be the subject of a next virtual fitting session. If it is a face-to-face accompaniment, the fittings and adjustments will take place in boutiques or at your home, according to your preferences.

At the end of this coaching, you will have a unique personal style that resembles you. Your appearance will be sublimated by projecting an image consistent with your personality.

Enhancing your personal image will increase your self-confidence and your opportunities tenfold.

Certification of ESR Paris