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What is the purpose of image consulting?

As an image consultant in Luxembourg, I focus on the impact of your appearance.

Through the use of specific tools and techniques, image consulting helps to manage and improve appearance, posture and communication in the private and professional sphere.

The image consultant makes sure that the appearance of his client is in adequacy with his objectives in the respect of his personality and of his physical specificities.

You’ve probably already asked yourself:

“How do I look in this dress? Does it fit me well? All in all, could I wear it to my best friend’s wedding?”

But also,

“Don’t I look too casual dressed like this to meet new clients?”

In both cases, you’re not just looking to see if the garment looks good on you. You are also looking to see if wearing it will make you look the way you want to look, and therefore if you will achieve your goal, whether it is professional or personal.

Why invest in your image?

Without a doubt, the number one reason is well-being and personal development.

But we must also be aware that beyond the pleasure we take in taking care of ourselves, the image we project has consequences on our place in society. What’s more, it has also consequences on the development of our relationship with others.

It takes 1/10th of a second to make an impression, and once that first impression is made, it is extremely complicated to change it. When you control your image, it’s easier to control that impression.

And in professional life, why is it important to create an executive image?

Firstly, whether you’re moving up the corporate ladder or running your own business, first impressions count.

Secondly, in a matter of seconds, judgments are made and opinions are expressed based on the image and presentation of a person or company. Therefore, a bad image can make or break business opportunities before anyone has a chance to speak.

In a world of constant competition, undoubtedly, creating an executive brand can help you stand out from the crowd and make the best first impression. Finally, as an image consultant in Luxembourg, I invite you to work together to meet these challenges.

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