Our image consulting agency

Welcome to Wonder Executive Image, your privileged partner in the field of image consulting.

We accompany you in creating and enhancing your personal style or professional image on a daily basis. Moreover, we also offer corporate training services.

We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we are committed to optimizing every moment dedicated to your professional image.

Method and tools: Our agency is at the forefront of the latest techniques and methods in image consulting. We continuously strive to evolve our methods to help you reveal your true potential.

Quality of the supports: Every client benefits from high-quality materials, carefully crafted and personalized to your specific needs.

Personalized services: Every client is unique. Whether you are an individual looking to refine your style or a company aiming to enhance the professional image of its teams, we tailor our services to your objective.

Our passion is to reveal the best version of yourself, in harmony with your ambitions. At Wonder Executive Image, professionalism, excellence, and discretion are our commitments to every client.

Who am I?​

Laurence Claude, Founder of Wonder Executive Image

Welcome to my world dedicated to professional and personal image.

My name is Laurence, and I am a certified consultant, specializing in professional and personal image. My strong legal background and two decades of experience in the financial sector within international organizations have shaped my journey and inspired the creation of this agency.

Why this choice?

My own professional journey has revealed the crucial importance of cultivating one’s image in a constantly evolving professional world. Drawing from my experience in leadership roles, I understand how challenging it is to find time to assess and develop one’s professional image while remaining satisfied with one’s personal image. Therefore, within my agency, I have created services that I would have wanted to benefit from myself a few years ago.

Enhance your professional capital

Technical skills are necessary but not sufficient for success in your career.

That’s why I particularly emphasize the development of a strong professional image, tailored to your growth and aspirations. Mastering your image, posture, and communication is absolutely fundamental. With equal skills, a person who masters these elements will have dramatically different opportunities and chances.

Reduce mental load

Effectively managing your professional image undoubtedly contributes to reducing mental load. By working with me, focus on the essentials while benefiting from an image that opens doors for you.

Services offered

Whether you are an individual looking to improve your personal presence or a company wanting to strengthen its team’s image, my services include individual coaching and personalized training.

Trust the experience

I fully understand the importance of the client experience, committing to providing high-quality services. Confidence in your image is a crucial investment in your professional success.

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Discover how I can help you shape a professional image that will propel you to new heights. Confidence, alignment, and personal power await you at Wonder Executive Image.

Our values

We emphasize three fundamental pillars that reflect our commitment:

We understand the importance of confidentiality. We guarantee total discretion in all our interactions. 

We guarantee you a high-quality professional service. We adapt to your individual needs, ensuring a personalized and expert approach. 

We always aim for excellence. Whether in developing your personal style or enhancing your professional image, we are committed to providing you with the best possible support. 

Certification of ESR Paris